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Webinar “E-invoicing made easy” – Fitek

May 6, 2020

Webinar “E-invoicing made easy”

On Tuesday, May 12, at 2 pm (EEST), a webinar "E-invoicing made easy" will take place. The webinar is free, you are welcome to attend!

At the webinar, we will talk about the nature of e-invoicing, how to send and receive e-invoices, and also the legislation concerning e-invoicing. All participants will be able to ask questions both during the webinar and by registering. The webinar speaker will be Andres Lilleste, Fitek AS Business Manager.

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Webinar language: English

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The financial technology company Fitek AS, part of Unifiedpost Group, won a public procurement of the Republic of Estonia and became a partner in receiving state purchase invoices for the next five years. Invoices are received with the help of the FitekIN solution. Fitek will also continue to provide outbound sales invoice solutions to the Republic of Estonia. Fitek's partner is the State Shared Service Centre of the Republic of Estonia, which deals with financial accounting.

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Fitek AS (“Fitek”), part of Unifiedpost Group, became the partner for sending sales invoices for Eesti Energia, an international energy company owned by the Estonian state and the largest energy company in Estonia. Fitek won a public procurement and expects to send approximately 500,000 sales invoices per month to customers of Eesti Energia.

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Fitek will start incorporating the phrase "Part of Unifiedpost Group” in its logo and communications starting today, in recognition of the parent company’s listing on the regulated market of Euronext Brussels (the “Listing”).

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