Purchase invoice solutions

The Fitek invoice management system facilitates the trouble-free management of invoices from a variety of channels – on paper, pdf and e-invoices. Paper invoices are scanned and digitised; pdf invoices are digitised.

Operations – the verification, coordination, approval and posting of invoices – can be either partially or fully automated on the basis of various parameters. The invoices approved in the invoice management system, together with all the invoicing and cost distribution information, are added to the customer’s accounting system or accounting software (ERP). This will help prevent additional manual labour and potential data errors.

Our web-based solution allows clients to successfully manage the costs and procedural processes, allowing for greater transparency. All data is maintained within an online archive providing fast and easy access. This data is securely protected.

Why use Fitek’s purchase invoice solutions?

  • Reduce the time and costs of purchase invoice processing by decreasing the requirment for manual invoice entry.
  • Data quality will increase – there will be fewer errors in the system.
  • Speed. The time taken to transfer purchase invoices to your ERP or financial application will be greatly reduced.
  • Systematic archiving of invoices. Finding data is faster and storing them is easier.
  • Transparency. The status of invoices can be traced at any time and from anywhere.
  • Improved efficiency at your financial month-end.
  • Convenience. Invoices can be processed anywhere on various devices that have internet access.
  • Fast and Simple deployment – there is no need to invest time and money in the system.

*Bruno Koch. On the basis of the Billentis 2015 survey

Our Customers

Since 2013, Fitek have worked with CRAMO group companies in Latvia, Lithuania and Kaliningrad. During this collaboration – Fitek has provided solutions for suppliers paper invoices and bills of lading digitization and scanning, data recognition, consolidation in structured form and automatic import to the CRAMO accounting system. Fitek also provides CRAMO companies with a web based solution - Invoice Workflow. This solution facilitates invoice processing in electronic form, approving, posting and invoice storing. Fitek also develop and introduce technical solutions in accordance with requirements and regularly process all received invoices from our suppliers, providing the required functionality and an exceptional level of data quality.

Indra Zilberta, CFO Latvia Lithuania Kaliningrad, CRAMO SIA