September 16, 2019

Proportion of e-invoices sent to the Estonian Government in August 95%

As a Estonian Government e-invoice operator, Fitek helped the State Shared Service Center implement a change in the Accounting Act. The jointly developed solution turned out to be very successful, and 90% of the invoices sent to the state in July were e-invoices.

In the summer of 2019, the success story of the Estonian state in introducing e-invoicing began. An amendment to the Accounting Act was adopted in February according to which as of July only e-invoices can be sent to the state. The plan was to legalize e-invoices earlier, but due to the change of government, the law was put aside into the drawer.

It can be said that this time the state managed to be was so stubborn that, figuratively speaking, it eliminated every opportunity to send paper and pdf invoices and got it done quickly. While the share of e-invoices sent to the state was still 38% in June, in August, it was already 95%! The good percentage achieved shows that companies are embracing e-invoicing as a modern way to send invoices.

The State Shared Service Center, for its part, confirms that e-invoicing has significantly reduced the time that it took for the accountants to process the purchase invoices. Machine readability ensures error-free invoice information exchange between seller and buyer, making the purchase invoice process clearer and more manageable.

In total, about 30,000 invoices are sent to public authorities each month, and according to the Ministry of Finance, there are 46,000 possible senders. More than 160 government agencies accept invoices through Fitek.

There has been a significant increase in the number of e-invoices sent through PEPPOL from Europe to the state, because they, too, want to get paid for goods and services. However, invoices from the US still come in their old form.

The increase in the number of e-invoices sent to the state.

Month May June July August
Total invoices (pcs) 32 800 29 000 23 850 25 670
E-invoices (pcs) 10 100 11 000 21 416 24 503
Share of e-invoices 31% 38% 90% 95%

Source: State Shared Service Center

Ines Karu, FitekIN Product Manager

Fitek Group, the leading Baltic and European fintech and e-invoice solutions provider, will participate in the most important event of the year for financial leaders at the Slovakia-CFO Forum. The event will be interactive in nature, bringing together unique stories, talk shows, speaker discussions, and inspirational presentations. Fitek will be participating as the event’s Gold sponsor, as well as one of the event’s speakers.

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Fitek UK Ltd were happy to host Priit Masing from the Estonian Government when he visited Leeds on Thursday 5th September. Mr Masing’s visit will further the Estonian Governments involvement with the Yorkshire region and the growing digital and tech sector that is fast developing a worldwide reputation.

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Fitek has launched a European e-invoice portal, enabling small- and medium-sized enterprises to send and receive e-invoices simply and transparently. E-invoice portal is a technologically advanced platform with a modern appearance. The platform enables the user to send and receive e-invoices locally and throughout the European network PEPPOL. launch started with localized e-invoice portal launch in Estonia in June 2019.

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