Sales invoice solutions

Comprehensive solution of sales invoices

Fitek allows companies to conveniently and quickly automate the entire process of sending invoices.

The sales invoicing solution of Fitek works closely with the company’s invoicing system and ensures the speedy arrival of the invoice at the customer.

The company forwards the underlying data of the invoice to us either from the accounting system or business software. We do everything else – data conversion, generating sales invoices, invoice display, sorting between various invoice channels and sending invoices to the customer.

Paper invoices are printed, enveloped and mailed; pdf invoices are sent by e-mail and e-invoices are transmitted according to the format desired by the receiver, either to the bank or to the business software of the recipient.

The invoice recipient can choose the appropriate format preferences in the management portal.

For all invoices, Fitek ensures that the design meets the agreed terms, and is uniform regardless of the invoice transmission channel. All data are archived, and the necessary reports are generated to the sender of the invoice after sending the invoice.

Why use the sales invoice solution of Fitek?

  • Speed. Invoices are sent out promptly and in a timely manner.
  • Quality. The process is sound and the sending of invoices will not be forgotten.
  • Transparency. The reports show the status of sending the invoices.
  • Acceleration of cash flow. The receipt of invoices sent in a timely manner is faster.
  • Simplicity. Channel management and complex technical solutions are Fitek’s concern.
  • Cost savings. No investments into technology and specialists of sending invoices.