PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) is a cross border platform for exchanging of electronic documents, the functions of which include supporting and facilitating Pan-European e-invoicing. The environment is funded by the European Committee and 18 governmental authorities.

Fitek customers can use PEPPOL network for receiving and sending e-invoices from and to European recipients. In future Fitek also will offer full procurement process.

PEPPOL is the European invoice exchanging platform relevant for B2G and B2B traffic, which has been joined by 160 000 companies through operators as of this date.

Business to business use of the PEPPOL-compliant infrastructure and use of PEPPOL-components in other areas beyond procurement are also recognised as important and is encouraged by the Association. PEPPOL is currently being implemented in several European countries to date and interest is now increasing outside of the EU.

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