Purchase invoice solution

Handle your invoices easy, quick and effortless with FitekIn

FitekIn is an online purchase invoice management system for approval workflow. It facilitates the management of e-invoices, PDFs and paper invoices. FitekIn offers the flexibility to work remotely since invoices can be processed anywhere as long as you have a device with internet access. The verification, coordination, approval and posting of invoices can be either partially or fully automated. The invoices approved in the invoice management system are added to the customer’s accounting system or accounting software (ERP), together with all the invoicing and cost distribution information. FitekIn solution makes the whole purchase invoice handling process fast, accurate and transparent. Data is maintained securely in an online archive where they are easy to find.

Why use FitekIn?

  • Save time for yourself, colleagues and partners
  • Remote work invoices can be processed anywhere on a device with internet access
  • Operational efficiency save both time and money due to a decrease in manual labour
  • Transparency the status of invoices can be traced at any time
  • Multilingual Customer Support get quality support in your own language
  • Easy access to invoice archives finding data is faster and storing it is easier
  • Data quality will increase fewer errors in the system because less manual labour required
  • Reliability timely handling of invoices ensures good payment behaviour and strong cooperations

FitekIn functionality

  • Collection and storage of incoming invoices
  • Management of key invoice data
  • Sending invoices for approval and monitoring of workflow
  • Approval of invoices and linking them to accounting entries
  • Invoice search
  • Supplier data management
  • Export of invoice data to accounting software
  • Generating search reports and saving these in CSV files

Who is FitekIn for?

Companies that benefit the most from purchase invoice management system have:

  • more than 300 purchase invoices a month
  • more than six approvers in the approval workflow
  • approvers in multiple business locations

FitekIn helps to control costs, bring efficiency and transparency to government institutions, companies in the hospitality industry, also accounting firms and many others. More than 1150 companies are using FitekIn to automate their workflow.

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