July 31, 2019

Fitek launches European e-invoice portal InvoiceGate.com

Fitek has launched a European e-invoice portal InvoiceGate.com, enabling small- and medium-sized enterprises to send and receive e-invoices simply and transparently. E-invoice portal is a technologically advanced platform with a modern appearance. The platform enables the user to send and receive e-invoices locally and throughout the European network PEPPOL. InvoiceGate.com launch started with localized e-invoice portal arved.ee launch in Estonia in June 2019.

Mait Sooaru, Fitek Group’s Director, said: “We make sending and receiving e-invoices simple for every business. We are starting in Estonia and then moving to other Baltic states, and then to Northern and Central Europe. Our goal is to cover most of Europe within a year and strengthen InvoiceGate.com awareness.”

The development of this innovative environment is extensive and targeted at a wide range of consumers across Europe. The project was also recognised by the European Union and received a prestige Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) grant, a key EU funding instrument to promote growth, jobs and competitiveness through targeted infrastructure investment. Fitek’s application has been the only successful project of its type.


CEF finances projects which create new connections in Europe’s energy, transport, and digital networks. Its goal is to make the European economy more environmentally friendly through different sustainable modes of transport, fast broadband connections and support for renewable energy in compliance with the Europe 2020 strategy.

Fitek Group

Fitek Group is a finance technology solutions company that operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the UK, Slovakia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Fitek Group is part of the Belgian enterprise Unified Post. Fitek Group employs 280 people and its 2018 turnover was 21.5 million euros.

In December 2019, Fitek, acquired by Unifiedpost in 2019, surpassed the milestone of 10,000 Estonian companies signed up to their tool arved.ee – with 87% of invoices sent as fully digital e-invoices.

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Head of Fitek Global Inbound Business Unit, Indrek Allas, will share his experience at the Estonian Accountants’ Conference on "E-invoicing and digitalization - where is the benefit?" by talking about sending and receiving e-invoices, and about the newly launched self-service platform Arved.ee. This e-invoicing platform is developing fast and will have 8,000 users by mid-October.

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Fitek has become a member of Foreign Investors Council (FIC) in Serbia.

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