We offer the EDI solution recognized as the standard in the international business market, which combines different business management systems and ensures the efficient exchange of electronic data between trading partners.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a solution that enables organizations to exchange important commercial documents without human intervention.

Electronic data exchange solutions are relevant not only for businesses that handle a large number of orders, managing stocks of goods and inventories: such as wholesale, retail, logistics and transport, manufacturing companies, hotels. The EDI solution can be tailor made for small and medium-sized businesses.

EDI helps to “talk” between the business management systems of suppliers, consignees, logistics companies and other process participants in real-time. Submission of orders, confirmation of receipt, waybills, invoices delivery in your company will become an effective process and you will feel the real value when you start using it.

The value created by EDI

  • Effective communication between you and your business partners;
  • Automated data processing and presentation significantly reduce errors;
  • Effective real-time management of assortment and inventory;
  • Ensuring the transparency of the process; you can track all steps;
  • Significantly faster delivery and execution of orders;
  • Faster payment of invoices;
  • Lower costs, because they are abandoned by hand and the use of paper documents;
  • Easy to use because your company’s employees will work in the normal software environment, and the EDI solution will quietly carry out the work of the “translator” that helps the systems to “talk”.

EDI options

  • Integrates with all market management systems used in the market;
  • Orders are submitted by automated way;
  • Receiving of goods (waybills) is approved electronically;
  • Automatically delivered e-invoices;
  • Formation of e-archive;
  • Documents are approved by signed by e-Signature