Document printing

Fitek has been operating on the Baltic market for almost 20 years.

The company is an established and reputable provider of financial information such as bills, invoices, statements, debt reports, other customised letter printing, enveloping and delivery according to clients’ needs.

We use the latest technologies and utilise our unique know-how in data processing and management, and we have implemented and developed IT processes for printing project automatisation. We have sourced our high quality printing and enveloping production equipment from accredited worldwide business equipment suppliers.

We pride ourselves on the importance we place on data protection and do our utmost to maintain the highest level of confidentiality. We observe strict compliance to all data protection and legislation and can guarantee that we are fully committed to providing our customers with the most secure service possible.

This allows us to provide a service that is capable of processing in excess of a million documents each day for a customer base that is pan-European in scope.

We are a reliable, fast, flexible and experienced provider of digital printing solutions with customers throughout Europe. With extensive experience in both the private and public sector, we can propose a solution for automating or optimising documents – especially bills and invoice delivery – that meets your needs.

As price is always a premium, we can guarantee competitive rates. Please check out our rates and contact us with any questions!