Document digitisation

Fitek offers its clients a set of services that includes scanning, digitisation and the electronic and physical archiving of various documents. Our solutions ensure digital converting of huge paper-form archives, the identification of printed text and handwriting, summarisation of questionnaire results in electronic form, as well as secure access to electronic documents stored on our servers.

Fitek offers the following solutions:

  • fast and confidential digitisation of any paper documents by scanning;
  • archiving and storage of the scanned documents in the E-archive;
  • convenient access to and search for documents in the E-archive;
  • archiving and safe storage of original documents in modern and high standard archive locations at our cooperation partners;
  • confidential destruction of non-topical documents in collaboration with a certified document destruction company.

Document digitisation is provided using high-capacity scanners, software from licenced industry leaders and general best practice in archive digitisation. We incorporate high automatic recognition and multilayer control, a quality management process, detailed descriptions and guidelines for the works, the required competence and duplication of reserve capacity.

Fitek’s premises are equipped with all the necessary security solutions – video surveillance, alarm system; restricted, separated and authorised access to the premises and computers; registration of any type of access; safe separation of internal data flow, separation of works.


  • changing to electronic documents and using the archive system can increase labour productivity by 25-50 times;
  • changing to electronic documents and the implementation of the archive system can reduce the costs for document storage by up to 80 (!) times;
  • full document flow control;
  • digital document processing speed is increased by at least 40%, and data quality by 99.6%;
  • say farewell to paper documents being lost on office shelves with employees spending up to 30% of their working time looking for files;
  • use of the electronic documents and archive system reduces document processing time by more than 75%.