September 11, 2019

Diplomat visit to pave the way for Ambassador visit

Fitek UK Ltd were happy to host Priit Masing from the Estonian Government when he visited Leeds on Thursday 5th September. Mr Masing’s visit will further the Estonian Governments involvement with the Yorkshire region and the growing digital and tech sector that is fast developing a worldwide reputation.

Estonia is the worlds only true digital society and already has links in the region through new ventures such as Fitek who have opened a new office in Leeds in the last twelve months.  Fitek works with businesses to automate their accounts processes, bringing significant savings and improved efficiency.

Whilst visiting Leeds, Mr Masing had meetings with some of the regions leading personalities in the digital sector.  He met with Adam Beaumont from AQL and was happy to confirm Mr Beaumont’s digital residency for Estonia.  He also met with Stuart Clarke, the man behind Leeds Digital Festival – the annual event that in 2019 saw 240 digital focussed events taking place in a one week period.

Mark Baterip, Fitek’s UK Sales Manager, stated, “It was great to welcome Priit to the office and to discuss the opportunities and challenges for Estonian start-ups in the UK. I was especially pleased that Priit had met with Stuart at Leeds Digital Festival and, without giving too much away, I am really looking forward to working with them both on a couple of ideas for next year’s event”.

Fitek UK Ltd’s Tristan Chuku welcomes Priit Masing, Economic Councillor from the Estonian Government as an honorary member of ‘team Fitek’.

Mr Masing’s visit will pave the way for Estonia’s Ambassador to the UK, Tiina Intelmann, to visit the region next year with the aim of forging yet closer links between the region and Estonia.

1 July marks one year since the state of Estonia started accepting only e-invoices. This move made the state a pioneer in the transition to modern settlement solutions in Estonia; in one year, state agencies have received 370,000 e-invoices from their cooperation partners. Financial technology company Fitek, the operator of e-invoices for state agencies, estimates that the share of e-invoices received by the public sector has more than tripled, reaching 98%.

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Fitek, part of Europe’s leading financial technology company Unifiedpost Group, is to start cooperation with SEB Bank integrating e-invoice sending platform for SEB business clients. Initially, functionality will be launched in Estonia.

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Financial technology company Fitek together with its parent company Unifiedpost is developing the Invoice Gate service The e-invoicing solution was recently launched in Latvia and Lithuania, and 8 more countries will be added in July. In Estonia, the e-invoicing solution aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises has been in use for a year, and almost 13,000 companies have joined it. Almost 90% of the invoices sent are e-invoices.

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